Mates & Master’s Magnetic Compass


Designed to support Candidates preparing for their Mates/Master’s HND mand/or Class 1, Master’s oral examination with the MCA. This course will cover the requirements of Paragraph 3. Compass, of the Master (Unlimited) syllabus of STCW Reg – II/2.



Course Guide – Magnetic Compass

Cost: £80 per person (£70 each if booking in a group together)

Courses commence:  The course is run over two successive Saturdays on the following dates in 2020:
8th and 15th August
26th September and 3rd October

Length: 10 hours
Consecutive Saturdays: 0900-1200 and 1300-1500 (UK LT)

What to expect on course?

Two taught sessions per day. Three hours in the morning and another two hours after a lunch break.

All sessions will include lectures supported by power point presentations, whiteboard diagrams and sketches.   All of the underpinning theory is reinforced with constant Q & A with Students.